"Luftwaffe im Focus" is a german Luftwaffe magazine,
acquired by a team of 20 famed Luftwaffe experts.
It is published three times a year. In each volume
you will find about 60 unpublished photos from pri-
vate collections with detailed information and articles
in German, English and French about special Luftwaffe subjects. Each issue has among others the following chapters:

Combat photos Portraits
Story behind the photos Captured aircraft
Unknown emblems Documents
Personal emblems Equipment
Unusual photos and much more...

The photos are all published in a large scale and in high quality on heavy glossy paper. A magazine for historical interested people and modellers alike.

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 27

 54 pages, 59 photos - thereof 13 in colour,
 4 colour profiles, 7 coloured emblems
 2 coloured maps, Readerforum
 Training Aircraft: D 520, I./JG 107, 1943
 Photos with a Story: The Real Story of
 Hptm. Bär’s Lion Emblem, I./JG 77
 Reconnaissance Aircraft: Me 262
 A-1a/U3, 2./NAGr. 6, 1945
 Personal Emblems: “Lili Marleen”
 Goes on the Road
 Aircraft in Focus: II./StG. 2 in Action
 at Stalingrad in Late Summer 1942,
 Aircraft in Focus: Emblems and Marking
 Practices of the Stukas of the Bamberger-
 Reiter Gruppe
 Documents: Overnight Pass
 Fates: Something usually kept quiet...
 The Fate of Fighter Pilot and Holder of
 the Oak Leaves Hptm. Fritz Geißhardt
 Unusual: Reunion far from Home
 Unknown Emblems: The Owl Staffel –
 2.(H)/13 – and Its Emblem
 Seaplanes: Norway, Dangerous Terrain
 for Seaplanes and photos to more topics


ISBN 978-3-941437-38-8

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 26

 56 pages, 59 photos - thereof 8 in colour,
 2 colour profiles, 2 coloured maps,
 Training: Aircraft: Fighter Training
 in the Final Hours (JG 106 – 1945)
 Aircraft in Focus: The Fw 200 Condor
 of KG 40 with the wave Mirror
 Camouflage Scheme
 Unknown Emblems: The Smart Airbase
 Sign at Rovaniemi
 Documents: The Fw 190 Handover
 Certificate Issued by 9./JG 11
 Personal Emblems: Obergruppenführer
 Hausser’s Fieseler Storch Communi-
 cations Aircraft
 Photos with a Story: Combat Miassions
 over the Kertsch Strait – Fates of I./KG
 100 Crews
 Scenery: Well Camouflaged in the
 Unusual: Plenty of Ammunition on Hand!
 As well as photos photos of Do 217
 J Nightfighter with Lichtenstein-Radar,
 Bf 110 of Lt. Beier 9./NJG 2, Ju 88 of
 KG 66 1945, Ju 188 of KG 2, Major
 Krupinski at JG 300 in 1945 and photos
 to more topics


ISBN 978-3-941437-31-9

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 25

 50 pages, 64 photos - thereof 8 in colour,
 2 colour profiles, 2 coloured maps,
 Close-Support Aircraft: Fw 190 F-8
 der II./SG 2, 1945
 Personal Emblems: A Supplement to the
 Hs 129 with Impressive Scoreboard
 from Edition 22
 Color Photos: Zellhausen, An Operational
 Airfield like a Model Diorama
 Photos with a Story: 6 May 1941 –
 Air Battle over Calais (JG 51 Encounters
 No. 74
 Squadron RAF)
 Technology + Equipment: An Ar 96 with
 Dive Brakes
 Unusal: Manufacturer’s Code and
 Werknummmer on the Nose
 Scenery: The 500th Operational Sortie
 by 4.(H)/12 in Africa
 Bomber: He 177 of I./FKG 50 at
 Brandenburg Briest
 Tails: 1944 – An Emblem on the Tail of a
 He 111 of 14.(Eis)/KG 55
 Seaplanes: Friend and Foe, To the Aid in
 White (Norway)
 and photos to more topics


ISBN 978-3-941437-27-2

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 24

 Aircraft in Focus: Italy, Autumn 1943 –
 II./SG 4 Supports the Army
 Lt. Lutter’s Fw 190 Close-Support Aircraft
 Color Photos: The “Spotted” Do 17 Flown
 by 4.(F)/11 in the West
 Nightfighter: Ju 88 G-1 und G-6, 1944
 Tails: Who Wore the Map of Scapa Flow on
 the Tail?
 Documents: The North Cape Stone
 Armament: Additional Armament for Ju
 88s of KG 51
 Scenery: Oiled!
 Fate: The Grave of an Unidentified Eastern
 Front Fighter Pilot
 Fighter: Bf 109 G-6, NJGr. 10 und Bf 109
 G-10, 11./JG 300, 1944
 and photos to more topics


ISBN 978-3-941437-26-5

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 23

 50 pages, 52 photos - thereof 7 in colour,
 2 colour profiles, 1 coloured emblem,
 3 coloured maps, Readerforum
 Scenery: Hit in the Cockpit! (JG 26)
 Colour Photos of a Seldom-Seen
 Kampfgeschwader (I./KG 28)
 Aircraft in Focus: An Extraordinary
 Aircraft from the Defense of the
 Reich  –  The Fw 190 of Major Philipp,
 Geschwaderkommodore of JG 1
 Unknown Emblems: 7.(H)/12’s
 “Jaunty Dachshund”
 Photos with a Story: Target: Kramators-
 kaya Tank Works (KG 55 – 1941)
 Unusual: The Camouflaged Tarpaulin
 Fate: Shot Down Over the Murmansk
 Railway  –  The Fate of a KG 30
 Crew in the Summer of 1942
 Documents: II./NJG 1’s 100th
 Night Victory
 Close-Support Aircraft: Ground Attack
 Pilot in the Closing Months of the War –
 Night Close-Support Missions by
 2./EJG 2 in April-May 1945
 Fighters: Me 262 A-1a of JG 7,
 April 1945
 Bombers: Ar 234 of III/KG 76
 As well as photos Fotos of Ju 290,
 DFS 230 of St.G. 2, Ju 87 with an
 impressive snorting rhinoceros-Emblem,
 colourphotos of the emblem of IV./KG 54
 and photos to more topics


ISBN 978-3-941437-23-4

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 22

 50 pages, 65 photos - thereof 12 in colour,
 5 colour profiles, 2 coloured emblems,
 1 map, Readerforum
 Tails: An Hs 129 “Can Opener” with an
 Impressive Scoreboard (4.(Pz)/Sch.G. 1)
 Background: Lt. Detlev Rohwer and his
 “Götz von Berlichingen” Emblem, I./JG3
 Aircraft in Focus: Unusual Aircraft of II.
 (Schl)/Lehrgeschwader 2
 Scenery: An Aircraft of the Eagle
 Geschwader makes a headstand in
 Gilze-Rijen (colorfoto)
 Personal Emblems: In Action with the
 “Red Mill”, 5./KG 27
 Equipment: The “Dobbas I” Transport
 Seaplanes: An Arado 196 from the Prinz
 Eugen Comes Home (The story of the
 museums aircraft Nordholz)
 Color Photos: Crash in the Forest (Fi156,
 Stkz. KH + YP)
 Destroyer: Bf110 C-2 of4./ZG 76 at the
 Canal (Colorphotos)
 Aircraft in Focus: Bf 109 G, Stab
 III./JG 11 and 7./JG 11, 1943
 Document: Invitation to the One-Year
 Anniversary of 4.(F)/123
 As well as additional information and
 photos to:
   - The “Panther” Emblem of Lt. Dold,
     9./KG 51
   - Italian Air Force Operations on the
     Channel Coast 1940-41
   - The "Winterfelt Wolf", Emblem of
     III./JG 52
   - Dr. Ernst Kupfer, StG. 2
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-20-3

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 21

 50 pages, 64 photos - thereof 11 in colour,
 3 colour profiles, 2 coloured emblems,
 1 coloured document, Readerforum
 Aircraft in Focus: A Great Moritz Emil,
 but Whose Was It?
 Portait: Dr. Ernst Kupfer, StG. 2
 Personal Emblems: Pedro 2 of 9./KG 51
 Color Photos: KG 40 Impressions of
 the Atlantic Coast
 Tails: Lt. Günther Specht, 3./ZG 26
 Documents: The 3,000th Flight by
 Wekusta 26
 Unknown Emblems: 2.(H)/10 Stork in
 Mountain Boots
 Fate: Made it! (NAG 4)
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-16-6

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 20

 Anniversary issue - more pages and more
 colour for the same price
 57 pages, 65 photos - thereof 10 in colour,
 3 colour profiles - thereof one 60 cm wide
 (fold-out), 3 coloured maps, 3 coloured
 emblems, Readerforum
 Aircraft in Focus: Lt. Hans Hahn's Ju
 88 C-4 Night-Fighter
 Unknown Emblems: The "Wolf's Head"
 Emblem of 10.(Pz)/SG 3
 Armament: Waffenbehälter 81 A in Use on
 the Ju 88
 Photos with a Story: Fateful Mission
 over the Bay of Biscay (V./KG 40 -
 I./ZG 1)
 Aircraft in Focus: The Unusual Bf 109 with
 the Speckled Camouflage, 3./JG 103, 1944
 Portrait: Lt.d.R. Anton Korol, 3./St.G. 2
 und 10.(Pz)/SG 2
 Unusual: The "Bomb Position"
 Fate: End by Collision (II./KG 54, 1941)
 Personal Emblems: The Family Coat of
 Arms on General der Flieger Pflugbeil's
 Personal Aircraft
 Color photos: "A Fine Job!" (Ju 52, 2./
 KG.z.b.V. 172)
 Tails: Ofw. Werner Machold, 9./JG 2 -
 1940 (Colorphoto)
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-13-5

Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 19

 50 pages, about 67 photos - thereof 8 in
 colour, 3 colour profiles, 1 coloured map,
 1 coloured document, 4 coloured emblems,
 Yellow or orange – the never-ending
 discussion: Colour slides provide new
 Aicraft in Focus: The Ju 88 Flamethrower
 Aircraft of I./KG 51
 The Staffel Emblem of 3./JG 52:
 One of the last unknown fighter emblems
 is identified
 The history of the Savoia Staffel
 Unusual: The Taxiway Bridge
 Tails: Hptm. Hans-Christian Schäfer,
 4./JG 5
 The fate of a close-support pilot
 on the Somme
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-12-8


Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 18

 50 pages, about 65 photos - thereof 10
 in colour, 4 colour profiles, 2 maps,
 Aircraft in Focus: Me 262 "black D" of
 2./KG 51 in February 1945
 Photos with a story: Of “Crabs”, “Snakes”
 and “Dödeln” (The story of 3. Staffel JGr.
 10 in 1945, Part 2)
 Tail: Ship killer in the Arctic Sea -
 Lt. Hennemann 2./KG 26
 Colourphotos: The 1.500 mission of
  3.(H)/Aufklärungsgruppe 31 in autumn
 1942 near Stalingrad
 Scenery: Flooding and mud on Russian
 Alliied fate: Emergency landing in Bad
 Zwischenahn, kill of a  B-17 on 26.11.1943
 Unusual: Bullet damage with date!
 Personal Emblem: The “Siegfriedsword”
 on the Ju 88 of the Kommodore of KG 3,
 Unknown Emblems: The “Vistula”-
 Emblem of 7.(H)/32 (Pz)
 as well as photos of Wekusta 76, Breguet
 521, Close Support aircraft
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-08-1


Luftwaffe im Focus - Spezial No. 3

 Surely more has been written about the
 Bf 109 than any other aircraft used by the
 Luftwaffe, consequently it has become
 difficult to discover new photographs and
 unusual emblems. For this special edition
 we have assembled from our archive and
 the collections of our contributors a selec-
 tion of outstanding photographs, the maj-
 ority of which have never been published
 It will be divided into chapters by Jagdge-
 schwader, with unusual Bf 109s represen-
 ting almost every unit. Unusual camouflage
 schemes and markings will be depicted in
 black-and-white as well as colour photo-
 graphs. A large number of colour side-
 views will complete the special, which will
 contain more pages than a regular edition.
 ca. 60 pages, ca. 66 photos - including 6
 colourphotos in large scale, 6 coloured
 Lt. Buddenhagen’s “Schluck=Specht 3”,
 II./JG 3
 “White 10” – Ofw. Alfred Grislawski’s
 Milestone Aircraft, III./JG 52
 An Early “Christel” of Oblt. Gerhard
 Barkhorn, II./JG 52
 “Edith” of 2.(H)/14 in Tunisia
 An “Emil” of II./JG 27 in the Close-Support
 Role in Russia
 Escape from Prague – “Blue 2” of JG 300
 (8. Mai 1845)
 Uffz. Peter Bremer’s “Hermännchen”,
 I./ JG 54
 Gollobs Kommodore Aircraft with JG 77 in
 Color (Tail with 100 kills)
 Photos of II./JG 5 in the Leningrad area
 (Carganico and Weißenberger)
 III./JG 11 defending the Reich 1943
 Colorphfotos from aircraft of JG 26, 27, 54
 und 77
         as well as articles and photos to more


ISBN 978-3-941437-00-5